I’ll be blunt, there isn’t one!

If you want to know what the best diet is for YOUR running, it’s about finding what works for YOU! You can create the best running diet for you.

There is so much ‘BroScience’ out there online, on Netflix, and finding its way into your inbox; all trying to convince you what the best running diet is.
‘BroScience’ is simply, an opinion of someone, or a group of people (who have a loud enough voice) where others believe their bull💩, and think it’s real UNBIASED science WITHOUT an agenda…🙄

I’ve tried to find the best running diet, and tested most diets out there for ‘Peak Athletic Performance’ to simply see how I felt, and what I could learn; an experiment on myself let’s say…

NONE made me feel amazing all the time, ZERO made me think in hindsight, I should go back to following its guidelines… (My minimum time following certain diets was 6 months.) After a decade of experimenting, I still am no closer finding the best running diet…

It’s not only enough to experiment with different types of foods to find what’s the best running diet for yourself, but you also need to be CURIOUS when someone tells you to “eat this, as it’s great for running…”
– Ask them WHY?
– How do they know?
– And if the study that reported the claims these people are telling you was written in 1980 or 2018, and who funded the study… This is why we have so much ‘conflicting claims’ when it comes to nutrition as a whole…

(Don’t get me started on ‘Carbo Loading‘ 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ though…)


My final observation is this, the diet I ate as a runner 10 years ago, has changed from the diet I eat today, as a runner.

Age, quality of produce available, understanding my bodies needs, 10 years of being a runner, and my consistent curiosity to question if how i’m eating is fulfilling my energy needs, making me feel energised from the inside out, and my enjoyment of food is still high, HAVE ALL contributed to how I eat today as a runner. 

I honestly don’t think the best running diet even exists…

My own personal guidelines are simple, eat real food as much as possible, minimise foods with an ingredients list (especially when things on those lists I don’t know what they are.)
Buy the best quality ingredients I can afford.
And as a runner (endurance athlete) more is better than less!


If you want to know what the best running diet is, start by listening to your body when you’re fuelling for training, racing, and adventures.




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