I feel very privileged to be supported by some amazing companies who have helped me achieve the level of craziness I’m currently at!

33Shake is literally 33 super foods combined together to create a great tasting snack. I have used these real food products during my long races, and when I’m off on adventures (I’ve even ate them dry, but some sort of liquid is recommended to mix them with). They come in three different flavours, and are great for a quick post training recovery snack to blend with some of your other favourite ingredients. Tasty and good for you; what more do you want….
  Kusaga Athletic was created by athletes who love sport and spend a bunch of time swimming, biking, and running around the world.
They worried about the environment and the impact the clothing industry has on it. So they created a clothing brand that causes minimal damage to the planet.
Kusaga Athletic makes a range of unique sustainable sportswear that looks good, feels great, but remains odourless too.
I’ll be wearing their base layers, cycling jerseys, running tees, and casual tees throughout my training, racing, and adventuring.

Becoming a “Huubster” was an easy decision for me.
A wetsuit company who uses the latest cutting edge technology to create a flexible, and comfortable fitting suit that actually feels like you’re not wearing one at all. The look, the feel, and it’s performance are all second to none. If you’ve ever wanted to feel (and look) like a superhero, then buy a Huub wetsuit and go swimming!
Huub as a company are fun, and creative as well, with not taking life too seriously (outside of all their scientific testing), so naturally they are a perfect match for me.
Be cool, become a Huubster….

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Whether it’s early morning race starts, late night ultra marathon finishers, freezing transitions, or just a cold walk to the pool on wintery mornings; my dryrobe comes in handy whenever I need to keep warm and dry. Simple and easy to change out of wet or dirty clothes out in the elements, its innovative design makes a “wardrobe change” out in the open or elements simple, easy, and fun! Until you’ve used a dryrobe you have no idea just how great they are!
elete elete electrolyte is a phenomenal product! Pure & all natural from the mineral rich water of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, it contains all four of the key electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, chloride and sodium) to keep me fully hydrated, but without the sickling artificial sugary taste; as it is sugar free!
 Hampton-Pool-Logo-300x160 Hampton Pool, known as “South West London’s best kept secret” will be providing me with a fantastic venue to swim throughout the winter months, and when I cannot get to the open water. The 36 metre heated open air facility is perfect for my long swim sessions, with both the staff and members very friendly and welcoming.
Along with the pool, their gym and fitness studios will also play a part in my preparation for swimming the Gibraltar Straight in October as part of The Ultimate Triathlon.