My Ireland Run

A run from the bottom to the top of Ireland

My Ireland Run is something i’ve been thinking about for a couple of years. We all know I love to run, and since I have never been to Ireland, I thought it made perfect sense!

This run was not about being the first, the fastest, or covering the most distance. What was it about; self discovery.

We all have our own ways of practising self development, and for me, one way is to run, and run far!
I treated this adventure as an opportunity to be alone, just me, my thoughts, and the open road.


Over the past few years I’ve done some massive adventures like The Ultimate Triathlon, and the 500 Man.
These were amazing experiences, but took a lot of work to create, organise, and then with a crew and documentary maker following me around, it goes against one of the main reasons I love endurance sports; the solidarity!

Spending days alone running, the conversations that go through ones head is limitless. One of my ‘WHYS’ for running the length of Ireland was to have a fun solo adventure. So whats happens when something that you’ve been planning for years, and have been excited to begin doesn’t live up to your expectations, and is not fun from the beginning?

This is what happened during My Ireland Run.



Many thanks to On Running, Pulseroll, and 33Performance Fuel for supporting My Ireland Run.

My Ireland Run Map