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Hiding My Eating Disorder

ANYONE CAN HIDE AN EATING DISORDER   Unless you’ve read my autobiography Chasing Extreme, or have followed me closely for a while, you may not know that for over three years (between 2013-2016) I struggled with an eating disorder. This was a very dark time in my life, where I hid large parts of it […]

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The Best Running Diet

BEST DIET FOR RUNNING  I’ll be blunt, there isn’t one! If you want to know what the best diet is for YOUR running, it’s about finding what works for YOU! You can create the best running diet for you. There is so much ‘BroScience’ out there online, on Netflix, and finding its way into your […]

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SHOULD YOU BE RUNNING WITH OR WITHOUT MUSIC?   It’s a question which has been debated many times before, during, and after a run no doubt; here’s my ‘two cents’ when it comes to running with music… There are several studies which suggest listening to music (especially upbeat tunes or tunes you really like) can […]

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Ultra Running & Ultra Walking

ULTRA-RUNNING DOES INVOLVE WALKING   “I could never do an Ultramarathon?” This is something I’ve heard too many times when discussing ultra running with runners. The perception that these all day, all night, or even week long ultra running adventures are only for the elite runners of this world, is well, wrong! Ultrarunning can (and […]

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Running Is Hard

RUNNING THROUGH THE DARK RUNS   Don’t get me wrong, running is fun, enjoyable, and rewarding; at times though, it is really hard! When it is hard, these are the Dark Runs WE ALL have at some point of our running training. The ones you spend most of the time trying to convince yourself it’s […]

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Running Nutrition

RUNNING NUTRITION & HYDRATION PLAN   One thing I see WAY too often is ultra-runners taking on races without a running nutrition or hydration plan. Some get away with it, until they don’t. When it goes bad, it can be really bad. Running nutrition & hydration is something which needs to be practised, planned, and […]


Running 500 Miles in 31 Days

Running The Calendar Club Running 1 mile relating to the date of the month.   Running for 31 consecutive days is something I have never done before. So taking on a challenge like this meant going outside my comfort zone within the world of running. The Calendar Club is a simple concept, but brutal to […]


Cycling Up Mount Everest

vEveresting Cycling to the height of Mount Everest on my turbo trainer.   Cycling up a mountain pass once is tough. Doing hill repeats up and down the same mountain pass on your bike just seems a little crazy! Everesting is exactly that, cycling up and down the same hill/mountain until you climb the height […]


My Ireland Run

A run from the bottom to the top of Ireland My Ireland Run was something i’d been thinking about for a couple of years. We all know I love to run, and since I have never been to Ireland, I thought it made perfect sense! This run was not about being the first, the fastest, […]


Winter Training: Top Tips to Find Your Focus

What do you focus on during training sessions? Focusing on the things you can control is the key to keeping your focus on the goals you’re aiming for. Other people or even the weather (which we will discuss later) cannot control your attitude; it’s your choice to have a positive frame of mind during each […]