REFLECTION = The Art of Learning to Enable Growth!

In life you can succeed or you can learn – hopefully both!

You can learn from life’s “wins” as well as its “losses!”

Through REFLECTION we gain KNOWLEDGE; The Power of Reflection eBook will guide you through the steps needed to extract insightful information, whether you succeed or fail, so you’ll always LEARN.

Stop wishing you were mentally stronger.
Start training your mind to increase its
resilience & toughness.


Endurance Adventurer, Author, and Performance Mindset Coach – Luke Tyburski learns daily to teach others what life has taught him!

Previously a professional soccer player, Luke fought a dark battle with depression when injuries ended his career, which in turn, set Luke off on a self harming journey into endurance sports.

Luke’s journey into the ultra world has seen him take on some of the world’s toughest challenges, from the Sahara desert, Mt Everest, a tropical forest in China, and even a self-created 2000km in 12 day Ultimate Triathlon from Morocco to Monaco.

Through his experience, education, and a lot of work; Luke now shares the lessons he has learnt from being an elite athlete and pushing his mind and body to their limits through keynote speaking, webinars, workshops, and online coaching.




“I thought that the course was excellent. There are a few things in particular that I was impressed with:

Luke’s enthusiasm for the topic was really inspiring.
Luke has achieved some incredible things. This quite easily could have meant it being difficult to relate to him but he was so down to earth that it wasn’t a problem at all.

The homework tasks were a great way to enforce what we’d learned.
In my opinion, the ‘mindset’ topic can sometimes be presented in a ‘wishy-washy’ way.

This was not the case at all – Luke gave lots of tangible examples that made the lessons easy to apply”

“This course is very useful. It helps to build a better me and think positive.

I must say thank you to Luke, my trainer. Luke is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and energetic.

He is a super trainer.”

“To know WHY, to build a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and gain KNOWLEDGE are the cornerstones for SUCCESS!

Luke Tyburski, my course trainer, has been the role model demonstrating to me, as the real life example, the importance of the right Mindset for Success.

Thank you Luke.

I have learned a lot from you. I am impressed by your professionalism and enthusiasm.”