Very few people who i’ve met enjoy being in pain, or doing things which are physically, mentally, or emotionally hard. (Ok, we know running is hard, but i’m sure you know what I mean…)

So why do something if you don’t enjoy it? Because choosing the easy option or comfortable option will get you nowhere, but where you are….
The people who are willing to persevere through setbacks, face their fears, learn from the pain they feel, and consciously choose to do difficult things on a daily basis are the ones who continually ACHIEVE & GROW throughout their lives, and running careers.

Life isn’t always sunny beach running.
Life isn’t perfect, neither will your training be.
Life isn’t fair.
Life is hard!

HOWEVER, your perspective of the situations, scenarios, and outcomes that you create, happen to you, or are in front of you will ultimately affect you – how you choose them to.

How you VIEW any situation will determine your thoughts. Whether that’s a hill during a running race, the weather during a run, or the pace of another runner.

How you THINK will ultimately dictate your actions. Your thoughts are yours to choose, so ultimately, it’s your choice to be positive or negative when things don’t go to plan while you’re out running.

How you ACT (or don’t act) will either help you, or hinder you. Slowing down during a race when it gets hard won’t help you build mental resilience, just like not going out for a run when it’s raining won’t help to improve your running fitness (or mental toughness.)

Yep, at times life (and running) sucks, but remember your perspective of what’s in front of you is ALWAYS your choice!


If you want to learn how you can train your mind in order to optimise your physical performance; The Performance Mindset for Athletes Online Course is for you!

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