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If you are looking to run longer, challenge yourself by heading into the mountains, or get some speed into those ultra-marathon legs; it’s time for us to chat.

I help people go LONGER – HIGHER – FASTER.

With an Exercise Science degree and multiple Strength & Conditioning certifications, my experience has spanned over two decades working one to one with a variety of clients since 2001.

I enjoy working with those who know what they want to achieve, and are ready to do the work! Alongside first time ultra-runners, and experienced ultra-runners, I’ve worked with various adventure athletes who’ve taken on some epic challenges. (Length of country runs, climbing mountains, and multi-day triathlons.)

I work closely with each individual to help create a tailored plan, using a combination of physical and mental strength training, alongside nutritional advice. We are all different and to achieve success means constructing a specific training regime meeting each person’s goals, time restraints, and everyday life requirements.

I’ve learnt (the hard way) of the true benefits of rest, recovery, and sleep. These are vital for anyone wanting to achieve new personal records in their sporting life. I’ll help you plan your training sessions around your everyday life, not the other way around.

If you need motivation, guidance, or someone to consult with, I’m here to work with you to help you achieve your ultra-running and adventure athlete goals.


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“Luke’s help and advice has been inspirational for me.

It’s hard to put into words the difference he has made.

He has been able to provide a host of practical tips on preparation for events, as well as things to do during an event. He has also provided fantastic support for the mental approach – which is at least half the challenge anyway – this for me has been the real key. 

Then there is the nutritional and training advice.  He can cover every aspect of training and doing an event. The best part is that he has made me realise what I can achieve, how to get the most out of it and enjoy it to its full potential.
He is a truly great, fun guy and I thoroughly enjoy his company. 

It’s been an absolute pleasure to meet him and I have much that I can learn from him in the future.”

It would be no exaggeration to say that working with Luke has been transformational for me, in running and in life. 

Luke’s style of coaching is warm and supportive, and he understands the pressures of life and work and the impact that this has on training. He got to know me well and helped me balance training with a busy job, keeping me accountable but also cheering me on (for example with a supportive WhatsApp before a tough session). 

I appreciate how with Luke no question is a silly one and throughout my training plan I could seek reassurance about any niggles or concerns. I have learnt so much from Luke about running, nutrition, strength training, and how to develop mental toughness and he has offered helpful guidance on kit, shoes, running routes, dealing with pre-race nerves – the list goes on! 

If you have an exciting goal and are looking to be supported, challenged and learn a lot – I would highly recommend working with Luke. 

I loved my training and my event and will carry on working with Luke for future adventures!

“Getting Luke as your coach is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

When I first got in touch with Luke I had two goals in mind; one was to do my first triathlon within 3 months and the other was to do a marathon (but a trail running marathon) within 5 months. Being new to both triathlons and trail running in hilly/ mountainous conditions I thought I better get a coach to help me make it through.
Luke was much more than a coach, and though I had to put in the hours of training (there is no way of getting around that), without Luke I would never have achieved my goals. 

When I lost confidence in myself Luke believed in me and gave me the encouragement I needed to take on the challenges. It was some rocky months, where life in general threw me some curve balls, which is bound to happen. But every time Luke stood ready to adjust the programme to where I was physically and mentally. And as I had to turn away from one challenge and turn to another, he made sure that I had the space to think through the lessons I needed to learn. 
Although we were on different parts of the planet, he was never far away.

Neither the triathlon nor the run (which ended up being an ultra run instead of a marathon) happened according to plan, but over the course of the months he coached me, Luke had showed me how much more I had in me physically and mentally than I thought myself. 

After each challenge we had a good debrief and some very hearty laughs (some of the things that happened, you could not have made up). Luke genuinely cares for you as his client and for your achievements – and there is such a joy in sharing these experiences with someone who will help you learn the lessons of your failures and celebrate the successes with you.
The journey with Luke to achieve my goals started out as a physical challenge, but also became a journey for me to grow as a person and to live life to the fullest.”

“The main man Luke Tyburski, this man is a legend, and all round guru of a fella, let me tell you why….

Around Christmas 2018 I wanted to challenge myself and wanted to be an ultra athlete, so I started watching loads of ultra documentaries on Netflix and Amazon Prime and came across The Ultimate Triathlon, the rest is history.
I was so in awe of Luke, I wanted him to be my running coach and most importantly my mindset coach. I dropped him an email and had a phone call from him the following day, we chatted for about 30mins and put a rough plan together, I then started my journey to become an ultra-marathon runner.

I was a beginner, only running 5kms at a time, so we started slowly and worked our way up to the covering more kilometres. I trusted Luke and put all my faith in what he had set and it was awesome!

His training plans are plain and simple to follow!

He told me when to walk/jog/run, we used the Polar flow app to layout my training plan so I knew my targets, results and most importantly my progression! Luke would review it weekly and adjust my plan accordingly.

Luke and I worked on so much more than running, his wealth and knowledge is priceless and because he’s been there and got the t shirt I completely put my mental & physical training life in his hands…

Without a doubt, the most valuable piece of training that I took away was the mindset training exercises he gave me. These lessons & exercises REALLY REALLY helped me in the extremely hard times when out training and competing!

I would recommend Luke to anyone who wants to achieve their goals, no matter what they are! I have so much planned for 2020, and I will will be continuing my mindset & running training with Luke.”

“Luke has now coached me through two of my biggest challenges to date, and two events that a few years ago I wouldn’t have even dreamed of completing.
Today, I sit with them both under my belt, two great races, two great training blocks and heaps of confidence going into the next.
Not only has Luke helped with my physical training, he’s kept my crazy mind at bay and always been the first to remind me I CAN when I doubt if I can.

Thank you Luke. Bring on the next 200!”

“It’s a May bank holiday and I’m sat crossed legged on the embankment just down from Richmond Old Town Hall. I find a quiet spot away from all the distractions and crowds of the hungry runners, and try to remember what Luke had been drilling into me over the past five months.

Just keep moving, it’s one foot in front of the other.

All I had to do was run, that was it. Apparent and simple, that tiny piece of advice was the best damn advice I was given, and saw me right through to the finish line of my first 100 miler, placing fifth lady.

I first met Luke in September of 2014, and had been following his adventures through social media for most of the year. He had sent out a tweet asking for a final crew member to join his Double Brutal Extreme Triathlon team, who were heading to Snowdonia National Park in north Wales for his first ever triathlon.

All I remember thinking was this guy is crazy and I want to be a part of it!

Seeing what Luke achieved that day and the limits he shattered both physically and mentally completely inspired me. 

I wanted to go and explore what was possible and what I found was the start of something amazing.

We spent some time together working out a loose plan, before training began in early 2015. The nature of my work meant I often had long days of back to back travelling, so there were always options to adapt the plan if I missed a session. 

As volume increased, my runs transitioned from being clocked in kilometres to hours. This helped me stay present and in the moment, while really listening to how my body was feeling.

One thing I was never particularly good at was sitting still, but Luke always emphasised just how important it was to incorporate rest into my routine.

As race day dawned my training wilted; I became restless at what the next 24 hours would bring. Having Luke’s expertise and knowledge behind me on the day kept me calm and focused on the miles ahead. He joined me at mile 51 where the hard work really started.
Luke not only encouraged me to take on food when I didn’t want to eat, but found ways of motivating me, which meant I could endure pain I never thought was possible.

This was my first 100 miler and third ultra distance running race.”

“Lukes’ Running & Recovery Workshop was life-changing!

As a Personal Trainer and active cyclist, I had high hopes for the workshop and Luke delivered in spades. Right from the word “go”, he was welcoming and made me feel really welcome and excited to be there. 
I had a tonne of questions but kept quiet for most of the session, simply because Luke was flying through all the answers I wanted. It was so interesting to know how a pro like Luke runs his own recovery, and to physically do it alongside him really made the points stick.
I can’t recommend a workshop with Luke highly enough!”

“I met Luke five and a half years ago. Without exaggeration he has changed my life.

At the age of 54 I was just post prostate cancer (I no longer have cancer, thankfully!), was struggling with my MS (which I have been battling for some 37 years), a demanding corporate job and, albeit a regular gym user, was not making an impact on my weight or fitness. What was seriously impressive was that in between the briefing and our first session he had studied MS and knew how to put a programme together which would both suit and challenge my limitations, focussing on balance and coordination as well as strength and stamina.

There have been times when we have had to back off due to MS attacks (which have become less impactful as I have got fitter) but slowly the intensity and the pace improved to the point where I can claim to be exceptionally fit and have started proving that with hiking and rock and mountain climbing expeditions. My friends and acquaintances all comment with a tinge of envy about how fit and healthy I look.”

“Luke has kept me fit and healthy over the last 5 years and I have completed 3 double and 2 single Ultra Marathon’s, safely. 

As a 63 year female, I know that the work I do with Luke is keeping me mentally and physically young.

What I really appreciate is that Luke makes the sessions interesting. He focuses on what is needed in terms of the training plan for me and my body, leading up to an Ultra, so as we get closer the sessions modify to target different areas of the body.  He also gives great advice  and ideas around nutrition and keeping healthy (not always taken I have to admit).

No matter what age you are, no matter why you want to get or remain fit, I can’t recommend Luke more highly.”

“Luke is an inspirational coach & mentor.

He was a huge support to me and brought relentless energy & positivity to my marathon training…all the way to the finish line in April 2014, when I completed my first race in London within a target time of sub 4 hours. Achieving this goal enabled me to raise a significant amount of money for a local Hospice charity in Northern Ireland.

From the outset, Luke took the time to really understand what was important to me and where my motivations (and fear points) lay and created a well thought out training & dietary programme (his banana cake recipe is divine) that we monitored on a weekly basis, and tweaked as necessary, as the demands of work & life became a juggling act. Luke brought a great sense of organised calm and perspective to everything – I definitely had my fair share of Bridget Jones moments – but nothing was insurmountable, and progress and consistency were the order of the day.

What I loved about Luke’s coaching style was his encouragement to take ownership for my own needs as an individual. Rather than dictate what I should or shouldn’t do, he had a very clear sense of his own values and openly shared his experiences, whilst recognising what works and evolves for one person, may not work in the same way for another. Instead, we discussed ideas, we experimented, we adapted and we evolved a plan (training, diet, sleep, rest, kit, race plan etc) that worked for me at that point in time. The journey was truly inspiring and it’s definitely sparked an appetite for more.  Luke’s coaching around mental strength was also invaluable and I’ve certainly gone on to draw upon it in many other day to day aspects of life since.

I have lots of fond memories training with Luke – he really taught me to thrive on challenges as a way of life, see them as adventures and to ENJOY the whole experience – which I thoroughly did.

Thanks for ALL the laughs!”

“In 2012 I was part of a mates support crew for his attempt on The North Face 100 ultra marathon in Sydney, it was an amazing day and sparked my interest in giving it a go for myself. Although I had only completed a few 1/2 marathons and one full marathon, Luke insured me that I would be “ok” and make it to the finishing line of TNF 100 in 12 months from our initial conversation.

Although on the other side of of world, I felt like I had constant support from Luke whenever I needed it. His programs were easy to follow, and our Skype chats were always a good laugh, but informative as well. (Man he can talk).

With his constant communication via text messages, Skype calls, and emails Luke was able to quickly and easily alter any training sessions due to my family and life commitments, this made balancing life with my running and strength training programs very easy.

We worked a lot on the mental side of running ultras, and Luke prepared me well for the highs, lows, and many other emotional tides I would go up against while running 100 kilometres.

I finished my first ever ultra marathon in 19:21 hours, and really felt like I couldn’t have achieved this goal without my London based running coach.

Thanks Luke.”