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I won’t guarantee results, but what I will do is give you tools, guidance, and advice to motivate you to do the hard work necessary to increase your chances of success!
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Through challenging my body to what I thought were its limits, and then continuing to push through these barriers I realised something; that my mind is so much stronger than my body.

But what does this mean?

You’ve probably heard something along the lines of this.
“When your mind wants to quit, your body still has another 20% to go!”

I used to think this was true, until I proved it wrong during my Ultimate Triathlon. My mind never wanted to quit, but my body quite literally did!

It is important to understand that our bodies are not machines, and they do indeed have breaking points. It’s undoubtedly our minds that dictate when we give up or not.

I knew the mindset I had created for myself could get me through any setback to achieve a level of optimal performance across all areas of my life. I’ve spent my entire life creating an approach which allows me to continually push my body and mind while staying focussed when things get tough, to not give up when all seems lost, and constantly move closer to achieving the goals I’ve set.

I want to help you create your own mindset that will facilitate your continued forward progression towards your goals using the same techniques I use, which have allowed me to achieve success.

Providing you with these tools to use when faced with setbacks, or thoughts of giving up will help assist you to overcome these hurdles, and stay on track to accomplish your dreams.

We are all capable of changing our mindsets to achieve great things, and to overcome tough times, as long as we are open to change and prepared to do the hard work.

I am, are you?

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Luke is very sensitive to the needs of those he works with, both physical and psychological sides. Each session is different, simply because we don’t always feel the same before each session.

I have suffered from severe anxiety my entire life, and Luke has gradually gained my trust and confidence, while never giving up on me, or belittled my feelings. He is one of the kindest people I know.
Luke knows when to push, and when to take a step back during the sessions he constructs for me. He constantly surprises me with the depth of his knowledge regarding fitness, the body, and the mind. 
It’s not always easy being disciplined, but as I know Luke is only a call or text away if I start to wobble, this helps me stay on track.
Thanks for all your help Luke…

Getting Luke as your coach is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Luke was much more than a coach, and though I had to put in the hours of training (there is no way of getting around that), without Luke I would never have achieved my goals. When I lost confidence in myself Luke believed in me and gave me the encouragement I needed to take on the challenges.

Although we were on different parts of the planet, he was never far away.

Luke genuinely cares for you as his client and for your achievements – and there is such a joy in sharing these experiences with someone who will help you learn the lessons of your failures and celebrate the successes with you.
The journey with Luke to achieve my goals started out as a physical challenge, but also became a journey for me to grow as a person and to live life to the fullest. 

Luke’s help and advice has been inspirational for me.

It’s hard to put into words the difference he has made.
He has been able to provide a host of practical tips on preparation for events, as well as things to do during an event. He has also provided fantastic support for the mental approach – which is at least half the challenge anyway – this for me has been the real key.

He is a truly great, fun guy and I thoroughly enjoy his company. It’s been an absolute pleasure to meet him and I have much that I can learn from him in the future.