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Ultra Running & Ultra Walking

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“I could never do an Ultramarathon?”

This is something I’ve heard too many times when discussing ultra running with runners.

The perception that these all day, all night, or even week long ultra running adventures are only for the elite runners of this world, is well, wrong!

Ultrarunning can (and should in my opinion) be experienced by any runner who is curious about what they are truly capable of. The lessons learnt from throwing one foot out in front of the other during any event lasting longer than a marathon distance, will not only serve you well in your next race (as there always a next race), but in your everyday life too.

A huge misconception is that ultra running is a sport that is raced. For the majority of entrants, it’s an experience, rather than a competitive event.

The one thing which all, and yes, I even mean the fastest professionals out there, ultrarunners have in common, is that at some stage during a race, ultra running will turn into ultra walking. 

The terrain, the elements, fatigue, or simply an urge to have a chat with someone you have been sharing some miles with, will resort to your forward progression slowing to a walk. Ultra running is a welcoming sport, where the pace of an individual is irrelevant, only the experience & stories you have and create while consistently putting one foot in front of the other (however that may be), is where the true value of this experience lies.

Unsure whether you can complete an ultramarathon?

Here are a few ultra walking tips to keep in mind.



– Use this time to eat and drink.

– If it’s a planned walk, walk with a purpose.

– If it’s not planned because you are struggling, set a time frame/step count to complete before you check in to see how you are feeling.

– Look around and enjoy the view.

– Remember that everyone walks.

– Ultra marathons aren’t races, but experiences we get to have.


If you’d like to know how you could complete your first ultramarathon, drop me a note at [email protected] and let’s have a chat.


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