Winter Training: Top Tips to Find Your Focus

What do you focus on during training sessions? Focusing on the things you can control is the key to keeping your focus on the goals you’re aiming for. Other people or even the weather (which we will discuss later) cannot control your attitude;…
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Are you Overtraining & Over Living?

  Overtraining & Over Living - is this you?     Whether you’re an athlete, or someone who is striving to achieve in your life, overtraining & over living can inhibit your progress and you may not even know it’s…
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Sciacche Ultra Marathon

The Tales of an Ultra Marathon   A beautiful coastal trail that loops through a national park with fast rocky descents, and ridiculously steep stone staircases leading to ancient wineries, this is The Sciacche Ultra Marathon. This…
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Being Successful When Failing

If you don't achieve your goals, can you still be successful?   Sometimes the hardest decisions to make in life are the rights ones to pursue to become successful. I’m not one to stay in my comfort for too long in life. I love…
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Running Downhill is like Living Life

Living life with a downhill running mindset   I love running and living life! Running has taken me on some amazing adventures, to places so unbelievably eye opening that pictures simply don’t do them justice. Alongside these…

Running to the Stones

Running to the Stones - letting my ego lead the way   Ego driven running is never a good idea, especially when running ultra marathons. I had only been on 6 runs in the previous 3 months (after recovering from shoulder surgery)…

UTMB with Aite Tamang

Recently I went to Chamonix in France to support my good friend, and elite Nepalese ultra marathon runner Aite Tamang. I met Aite when I spent a month in Nepal, I lived, trained, and learnt about not only trail running, but life in the mountains…

The 7 Labours of Hercules???

As I sat on the train from London to Castleton (in the peak district), I felt as prepared as I could be considering it was only four weeks ago I cycled 412kms from London to Newquay, picked up a niggle in my achilles tendon, and last week slightly…
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My Marathon des Sables Adventure!

The Marathon des Sables is amazing! I have been back in the UK a week form my Marathon des Sables adventure,I’ve spent the last week recovering, eating some fresh tasty food, and having a few small celebrations. I must thank everyone…
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1 week to go

  I cant believe in 1 week I will be on the Continent of Africa, Country of Morocco, and In the middle of the Sahara desert, this is extremely exciting! The small setback I've had with my knee over the previous couple of weeks, and being…