“Working with Luke has been transformational for me, in running, and in life!”

• 20 years working 1 to 1 with athletes all over the world.

• BSc Exercise Science
• Certificate 3 & 4 Strength & Conditioning Training

• 100 mile, 100 kilometre, 50 mile, 50 kilometre ultra-marathons, and various road & trail marathons.
• Multi-Stage Ultra-Marathons (including  multiple MDS finishers)
• Length of Country Runs
• Multi-Day Triathlons
• Mountain Climbing Expeditions

• Countless Ultra-marathons between 50k-260km, both single and multi-day (including MDS)
• Ran down Mt Everest
• Double Ironman Triathlon
• 2000km in 12 Day Ultimate Triathlon
• Enduro Cycling Challenges
• Cross Continent Swimming
• Mountain Climbing Expeditions


“It would be no exaggeration to say that working with Luke has been transformational for me – in running and in life.

Luke’s style of coaching is warm and supportive, and he understands the pressures of life and work and the impact that this has on training.

I have learnt so much from Luke about running, nutrition, strength training, and how to develop mental toughness and he has offered helpful guidance on kit, shoes, running routes, dealing with pre-race nerves – the list goes on!

If you have an exciting goal and are looking to be supported, challenged and learn a lot – I would highly recommend working with Luke.”

“It’s hard to put into words the difference Luke has made in my ultra- running life. He can cover every aspect of training and doing an event.

The best part is that he has made me realise what I can achieve, and how to get the most out of my training & racing.”

“Getting Luke as your coach is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Luke was much more than a coach, and though I had to put in the hours of training, without Luke I would never have achieved my goals.

When I first got in touch with Luke I had two goals in mind; one was to do my first triathlon within 3 months, and the other was to do a marathon (but a trail running marathon) within 5 months.

When I lost confidence in myself, Luke believed in me, and gave me the encouragement I needed to take on the challenges.

Luke genuinely cares for you as his client and for your achievements – and there is such a joy in sharing these experiences with someone who will help you learn the lessons of your failures and celebrate the successes with you.”

“I was a beginner when starting with Luke, only running 5kms at a time, so we started slowly and worked our way up to the covering more kilometres. I trusted Luke and put all my faith in what he had set and it was awesome!

His training plans are plain and simple to follow. He told me when to walk/jog/run, so I knew my targets, and most
importantly, saw my progression!

Luke and I worked on so much more than running, his wealth and knowledge is priceless, and because he’s been there and got the t-shirt, I completely put my mental & physical training life in his hands. I’m now a multiple ultra-marathon finisher thanks to Luke!”