When my dream to play professional soccer on the world stage disintegrated after a series of debilitating injuries, I had no back up plan. My career and everything I’d worked for was over. I reinvented myself as an ultra-endurance adventurer and discovered my superhuman ability to withstand extraordinary conditions and excruciating pain.
From the searing heat of the Sahara Desert to a typhoon-ravaged remote island, my drive to constantly test my limits stunned my family, friends and fellow athletes.
Then came the Ultimate Triathlon – a solo 12-day, 2000-kilometre triathlon across multiple countries that most considered impossible.

But, I kept a secret behind my reinvention.
For years I concealed a diagnosis of clinical depression, this increased my determination to overcome the private torment I was going through with further destructive behaviour. Through it all, I clung to my lifelong motto, to never, ever give up; pushing myself to breaking point emotionally and physically, then rebuilding myself over and over again.

For the first time, I openly share how I persevered through some of the darkest moments of my life, and just how close I came to paying the ultimate price.
Chasing Extreme is raw, honest and simply my story!