Motivation needs to come from within


I absolutely do not like the term motivational speaker, why? I believe motivation can come from anything, anyone, and at anytime!

So, why do large portions of society think they need to have someone jump up and down in front of them, or tell them their life story to feel motivated?
Or have a stranger yell buzz words and splash flashy presentations in front of them to create motivation within their business, sporting team, or in their everyday lives?

Don’t get me wrong, there are people who have motivating and inspiring stories.
The world is full of natural leaders, story tellers and individuals who can help crowds of people past difficult times in their lives, and many have catchy and empowering slide shows that can even get the hairs on the back of my neck to even stand up.

But, how long does this motivation last?
What happens when these inspiring people leave the room, then where is the motivation drawn from?


Have you ever seen a dog chase its tail?
It’s motivated to catch it, striving to finally grasp this fluffy ‘thing’ hanging out in front of its nose. But, when the dog finally gets bored, or realises what it’s actually chasing is something it already has, the motivation from this perceived external stimulus dies.

Or what about those 27 ‘motivational’ Instagram posts that you liked yesterday?
Did they inspire you to ACT on this motivation, and actually use this inspiration throughout your own life, besides you tapping the heart button with your thumb as you scrolled aimlessly through your feed?

My point is, not that having external motivation (wherever that may come from) isn’t beneficial, but is it truly sustainable if you’re constantly relying on extrinsic sources?

Yes, I get paid to speak to executives, sporting teams, companies, schools, and at varying seminars, but my aim isn’t to motivate my audience, or even inspire them.
The goal for each of my talks is to open up the minds of those in front of me, and inject a thought that we are all capable of more than we believe.


How do I do this?
Through telling my story of adapting to the many setbacks I’ve faced in life, detailing how I overcome the many obstacles I encounter daily, and tutoring my audience on the blueprints I’ve created that have enabled me to regularly push my mind and body to, and past what many would think are its limits!

Sharing these tools that I’ve spent years sharpening, and giving the audience something they can use on a daily basis to help them move forwards in life, is always my intention when I speak.

As far as I know, I’m on this earth for a very short time. During this period, I want to help as many people as I can to achieve the life they are willing to work for.

I’m constantly encouraging people to find their own internal motivation, nurture it, so when the time is needed, this will be a limitless source of inspiration!
Maybe there will be no need for you to stand in a crowded conference room, jump up and down while loud music is playing, and you’re being blinded by flashing neon lights anymore…


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