I Listen to Learn & Speak to Teach


Sharing the knowledge I’ve gained through my experiences and education, while inspiring those in front of me to use the tools I provide to move forwards in their own life is always the goal of my talks.

My audiences have spanned the globe, from Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, U.S.A, Europe, and all across the UK

My Holistic approach to mental performance, personal development, health and all areas of life, combined with a powerful determination to continually learn, and teach others what life has taught me fuels my commitment to encouraging the world to challenge themselves in order to catch a glimpse of what they’re capable of.

I’ve translated my personal experiences of battling depression alone for nearly a decade, an eating disorder, and extreme-endurance challenges into effective & actionable knowledge, with a clear and concise delivery.

In order to live our best life we must be prepared to overcome obstacles, adapt to setbacks, and remain calm in high-pressure scenarios; my presentations will provide tools to help you achieve all of these.

I regularly give interactive presentations and workshops, work with organisations, teams, and individuals across a variety of industries and sports. My specific advice can be translated across all departments, lifting morale, and helping teams and individuals reach their full potential with actionable processes.

Forever Sports magazine mentioned me in their list of the 50 fittest athletes in the world.

I’ve also been interviewed by The Huffington Post, London Live, and featured on the pages of Sport, Triathlete, Outdoor Fitness, Men’s Running, Triathlon & Multisport, Trail Runner, 220 Triathlon, T3, Triathlete, Forever Sport, and Coach Magazine.

I have also been a guest on many Top-10 rated podcasts and hundreds of other online media outlets.



Mental Performance For Life

Focus On What No Else Can

Your Attitude Creates Opportunities

Don’t Raise Your Bar – Remove it

Failing Towards Peak Performance

The Enlightened Mindset

Endurance Sports & Running Adventures

Dealing With Depression & Mental Health

Adapt & Thrive While Working From Home

We really appreciated Luke sharing his inspirational story with our entire team.
His take on the performance mindset was so relevant to our industry – Marketing & Creating.
We found his ways of thinking to be helpful for not only just our workday, but also our daily lives.”

“Energetic. Passionate. Crazy. Extreme. Raw. Mind-blowing. No nonsense. The list goes on to describe this ultra-endurance athlete, adventurer, speaker, coach and author Luke Tyburski. He absolutely wowed the YES Group audience and had them spellbound as he talked about how he chooses his positive attitude every time he takes on a new challenge that pushes him to his extreme. I’ve no doubt that Luke will be back on our stage in the future..” 

“Luke Tyburski has a background that justifies his position as a leader in promoting a positive mindset to get you through any situation. His emotive stories and powerful strategies should be experienced by all. Attitude changes everything, and Luke’s positivity is infectious.”

Luke is an exceptional speaker, he manages to captivate his audience with wit, charm, and enthusiasm. I asked Luke to come in and share his thoughts on ‘Mindset’ with our company, in preparation for our 2018 financial year. His talk was extremely well received and left us all with actionable advice that meant the whole company could benefit and gain value.“

“Luke presents at several of our courses regularly, and has done for many years now. He speaks with motivation and passion about his endurance challenges, his mindset coaching techniques, and the room is clearly inspired as they listen and interact with him during his talks. Luke is easy to listen to, captivates his audience, and gives empowerment to those in front of him. I highly recommend Luke as a motivational, educational, and inspiring speaker.”

We invited Luke in to talk to our team about what it takes to create a clear and positive mindset, to best encourage an efficient and driven work focus.
And of course, Luke did just that!
Using simple examples, and easy to understand theories Luke explored the reasons we may come up against and how best to overcome these. Using examples from his incredible challenges, and sharing past adventure stories Luke helped us understand how when life can seem to go totally against you, there is always a way around it, be that during an ultra marathon or just on a particularly tough Monday! Massive thanks to Luke for helping us all see past the pile of paperwork and beyond the endless emails!

“Luke’s presentation was extremely interesting and provocative. He really made us think and challenge the way we perceive everyday situations. It’s great to listen to someone who’s really passionate about their speaking topics and clearly implements his own learnings.” 

Luke was an excellent and engaging speaker at our awards ceremony.
He was very interesting and amusing and showed a great respect for education as he encouraged our students to continue to do their best.

“Luke’s combination of purpose driven mindset and his ability to adapt his body to any task is incredible.
Luke gave a Skype talk to my team last season that was awe inspiring and extremely inspirational. Despite being 10 days out from attempting the Ultimate Triathlon, he offered his valuable time to mentor my young team of tennis players about the need to create a vision of what you want to accomplish and go out and create a action plan of how to get it done.It was 12am London time, but he was both energetic and engaging despite having trained for over 8 hours that day. I really enjoyed and appreciated the message that he shared. I know he’ll be a inspiration for many more young athletes and people for years to come. .” 

“A first-class presentation delivered by a world-class public speaker. Luke Tyburski kept our guests spellbound with his adventure stories. Informative, educational, inspiring, and very very entertaining; Luke comes highly recommended!”

“Luke came to speak with a range of students from Years 7-11. The students were really engaged especially when Luke talked through some of his life changing experiences. What seemed to make the most impact was when Luke talked about how he used his moments of failure to reflect and find ways to improve. They were also really interested to note Luke’s passion for living life to the full and taking chances, regardless if other people considered his plans impossible. I would recommend any organisation bringing him in to talk to students or adults alike. His stories of endurance and adventure are inspirational.”

Luke’s talk was both interesting and inspiring, he captivated the entire audience with his honesty and top techniques for when your body starts to struggle. His refreshing approach to both the highs and lows of his incredible challenges were very motivating, and left attendees excited to embark on their next adventure.
I look forward to hearing about Luke’s future challenges and hope we can book him as a speaker again very soon.

“Luke spoke at the National Triathlon Show and was well received by all who attended. His story of how he planned, completed and recovered from his incredible Ultimate Triathlon feat is gripping from start to finish. His 30min talk was well paced, clearly delivered and broken up neatly with short videos to add context and colour to his presentation. In short, a thoroughly enjoyable, humorous and inspiring account of an incredible feat of endurance.” 

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