With the sun shining this past week in London its hard to believe Christmas is only 4 weeks away!

Its not only been a great week of weather, but a great week of training as well. I’ve completed a total of 72 kms over 5 days, and the body is still in one piece.

In a sick and twisted kind of way I’ve actually enjoyed the challenge this week, although the next day after i ran 25kms I wasn’t jumping out of bed to go run the 15kms for that days training….

For the first time during my 4 weeks of training as a runner I’ve had to dig deep and ask myself to keep working, it wasn’t easy, but with a smile and a c’mon (much to the amusement of the innocent bystanders) I managed to put my head down and finish the run at my designated pace.

My week ended with a 8 km tempo pace (slightly faster then my normal speed) run, but i totally got my distances wrong and hit 8km when i was still about 2 kms from home, lets just say they weren’t the easiest 2kms of the day.

With the week coming to an end, dinner cooking in the kitchen, and the prospect of running even longer this week, I’m a very happy Adventurer!!!!

To never give up
Means you can chase your DREAMS and turn them into reality
Give up, and they’ll forever be just that

Stephen Roger Waugh

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    • Pauly aka Timmy! says:

      Good call Libby!
      We love you too lukey!!
      We wish you the best of luck!
      All our LOVE… PAULY+LOU xXxXx

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