Its been a couple of week since my last post, and I’m no longer in London, but back in beautiful Australia!!!

I’ve been having a lovely time with my family and friends, its been way to long since I’ve seen them all. Spending the first week of my trip lazing around on the beach, sitting by the fire at night, and sleeping in late has been very hard…..

But in typical Adventurer style i have been out running in between afternoon naps.

Straight off the plane i was running around the streets of the  Coastal town Bawley Point, the first week in Oz i completed 28.5km, i felt great after 3 straight days of running.

After having the weekend off i was ready for a big week of running, starting with a 25km run which contained 11 km on the soft sand and 14 on the roads.

The following day i did a solid 10km on the soft sand, this was tough as i ran back and forth 37 times on the beach, the legs knew i was working once i finished.

Instead of having a relaxing afternoon i decided to climb Pigeon House Mountain, a 5km climb up which took about 2 hours to reach its peak, then a quick 1 hour back down. Not the smartest idea i must admit, as the day was overcast and we couldn’t see anything!!


After having a day off to travel to sydney,  i was ready for a big 3 days of training in Cronulla in Sydney’s South. Setting of for my 35km run i was feeling great until 20kms where i literally felt like all of my energy had been sucked out of me, i was shattered, i thought i just needed some food, but after a gel and some water i still felt horrible and was starting to lose control of my body.

I started to lose focus, my legs were buckling, and i couldnt keep my eyes open, this was a scary feeling, especially that i was 5 kms from home. i decided that i just need to keep going and get home, i tried to walk but it was more difficult then the shuffle i was doing.

I eventually got home, showered and went to bed with the shakes and a fever, not a good night for the Adventurer!

After a much needed rest i felt that i should still head out the following day to tackle the planned 25kms, this time with two of my best mates Paul ‘Timmy’ Wiese, and Blair ‘I’m an Ironman’ Hurst!!!

Setting off i was feeling great, the boys left me after 8 kms to tackle the rest of the 25kms alone. I was dominating the run until about 2 kms from home until i started to feel unwell, i managed to finish, then a wave came over me and i needed to sit, i wasnt feeling well at all, especially after i was sick whilst sitting in a park.

So i was diagnosed with having a viral infection, its 3 days off for this Adventurer, to chill and relax over Christmas.


I wish you all Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, and looking forward to having more adventures for you all to read about in the new year.


The Adventurer!!!!

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