After spending the best part of 5 weeks in Australia for an intensive training camp, it was time to return to London to continue my training and further testing, what a welcome back i received, -1 and pitch black at 7am.

It has taken me the entire week to get my body around the jet lag of being wide awake at 4am then passing out at 7pm each night, lots of early morning reading, and early evening dinners…

After several physio sessions throughout the week for my injured calf muscle (one being only a few hours after landing, thanks for fitting me in Mo) my training involved two active rehabilitation sessions,  the first a 40 minute bike followed by 20 minutes in the pool, and the second a 30 minute session of walking and swimming in the pool, some light stretching and that’s it. The calf is feeling a lot better and I’m looking forward to getting back into my full time training this coming week, extremely happy with its recovery.

The rest of the week involved alot of relaxing, eating good food (although i do miss the beautiful seafood in oz), and sleep. My body is definately alot happier now then when i first got off the plane.

Australia was a fantastic trip for me, it allowed me to spend time with my family while training on a daily basis with my best mates and running along some of the most beautiful beaches, trails, and paths in the world, all done  in the sun as well, doesn’t get much better then that. I completed 4 weeks of training in Australia, compiling of 460kms over sand, trails, roads, hills, mountains, and 1 motor racing track, as always i carried my 10kg backpack and Drift HD camera. I shot some amazing footage running, relaxing, sight seeing, and interviewing several of my training partners (although a few of them were abit camera shy). I completed my first unofficial ultra marathon, which ive named the Bundeena Frosty Fruits Ultra (due to the amazing tasting Frosty Fruit ice blocks i enjoyed during the run with Raz) 55kms through the Royal National Park at Bundeena. My longest week of running was 140kms, and the hottest temparature i ran in was 33 degrees (not quiet Sahara Desert temperature but getting closer), i lost 6 toe nails, 5 toes had blisters on them, and i picked up a great tan, well except for the shirt and short lines.

A truly amazing trip in so many ways, but with 2 months and less then 2 weeks to go until i compete in The Marathon des Sables  its time for me to keep running, until next week.

Get out there and go adventuring!!!



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