Welcome everyone to the official blog site of Luke Tyburski, The Adventurer. Since recently retiring from football (soccer) ive decided to partake in whats been known as the toughest footrace on the planet, The Marathon des sables (MDS). It’s a 250km self sufficient multistage footrace through the Saharan desert in Morocco, testing any endurance athlete to their limit, but for a footballer who’s never ran more then 10km in his life, well lets just see what happens shall we…

The start of the Marathon des Sables is the 6th April 2012, I have 5 months to go from a footballer who in the last 3 years has had two foot surgeries, a plate and screws inserted into his collarbone, a major groin injury, major back injury, numerous muscle tears, and countless injections, never one to shy away from a challenge, I say BRING IT ON!

I will be blogging about my training regime, thoughts, weekly movements and plans to dominate the desert several times a week.

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