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Be Successful – Build a Team

  3 key reasons why you should build a team   I used to think that asking others for help made me weak, that I could do everything my way and myself, and I didn’t need to build a team around me,  I was wrong! Clearly I don’t know it all, my way is almost always […]


Be Productive in 3 Steps

  To be Productive – be Consistent, be Content, & be nice to Yourself   We hear all the time that consistency is the key to sustained success, and being productive. Heck, i’ve said it myself plenty of times as well. I truly believe we are more productive and can increase the chances of achieving […]


Mindfulness – be Present in each Moment

Spending time with yourself is the key to mindfulness   Growing up I used to think mindfulness, yoga, and burning incense was suspect, and people who performed these ancient activities were lost & floating through life. Unknowingly, I was introduced to mindfulness practises as a teenager while playing representative football (soccer) in Australia. I not […]


Life Philosophy – Do You Have One?

Find direction in life through a life philosophy   I never used to give a thought to how I wanted to live my life, I simply just “did” life. If someone asked me what my life philosophy was a decade ago, I would have given some humorous response like ”staying alive.” With more life experience […]


Achieving Goals – My 5 Step Process

5 Steps to Achieving Goals   Achieving goals How many times have you heard stories of people achieving goals, even though there were told what they were aiming to achieve couldn’t be done? Then somehow they are constantly achieving goals, and the world finally starts believing in them. There are too many to list, and […]

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Being Successful When Failing

If you don’t achieve your goals, can you still be successful?   Sometimes the hardest decisions to make in life are the rights ones to pursue to become successful. I’m not one to stay in my comfort for too long in life. I love throwing myself into the unknown and where I quite literally have […]

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Ask Questions to Make Change

Do you ask questions to learn?   Do you ever ask questions of yourself that you’ve no idea how you will answer? When I stood at the start line of the 27th Marathon des Sables in 2012, with over 250 kilometres of sand, rock, and no doubt some life changing experiences ahead of me. I […]

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Running Downhill is like Living Life

Living life with a downhill running mindset   I love running and living life! Running has taken me on some amazing adventures, to places so unbelievably eye opening that pictures simply don’t do them justice. Alongside these visually pleasing landscapes, with many different types of terrain, running has also taught me quite a lot about myself, and […]


Running to the Stones

Running to the Stones – letting my ego lead the way   Ego driven running is never a good idea, especially when running ultra marathons. I had only been on 6 runs in the previous 3 months (after recovering from shoulder surgery) prior to a my DNF (altitude sickness + dehydration) at the Trail Verbier […]

Roasted Vegetable Double Cheese Pizza

Roasted Vegetable Double Cheese Pizza   Ingredients  1 Courgette (zucchini) 1 Pepper (capsicum) Large handful cherry tomatoes 2 cloves of garlic 2 Tbs chestnut flour 1/2 ball buffalo mozzarella 2 Tbs maca parmesan cheese (recipe below) 3 Tbs coconut oil Directions Check directions to make maca parmesan cheese first before starting this recipe. – Heat […]