What is an Ultra Runner?

An Ultra Runner is someone who has completed a run which is longer then a marathon (42km), last week i completed 55km of running on Monday, and to make it even more interesting i did it on trails through the Bundeena National Park in Sydneys south, those 8 hours of running were interesting to say the least!

I completed the trail run with Ryan John, the trail king amongst my mates, he hadnt ran further then 45kms before, so it was a record breaking run for both of us. We decided that there were  2 highlights of the run ( 3 for me), firstly it was the frosty fruit ice block we had with 18kms to go, it was AMAZING, frosty fruits will never taste the same after eating that one, secondly it was the swim at the finish, the nice cool waters of Bundeena Beach were perfect for our tired legs after the grueling 55kms we had just completed, and my personal highlight was after 6kms when Ryan John was in front of me looking at the spectacular view then CRASH, he hits the deck like his legs had been taken out from under him, its one of the funniest things ive seen in a long time, luckily he was alright and able to continue the run, and also that i was filming with my Drift HD camera, the footage will come at a later date, watch this space!

The rest of the week i spent in Various parts of Sydney, an 8km recovery run alond the beaches and bays of Cronulla, a 33km run along the Georges River in Sydneys southwest, 28kms through the site of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, this was actually surprisingly quite scenic with all the different stadiums, but also wetlands just on the edge of these massive infrastructures with amazing wildlife to look at (and talk to) as im running. I finished the week with a 12km dash, i had to run as fast as i could for those 12kms then have 2 days rest as my reward, lets just say i earned my 2 days off!!!

A great week with several personal bests achieved, longest run ive ever done, and also the most amount of kilometres ive ever done in one week 136!

After this great week i treated myself to a few beers with great friends and a Adventurer sized steak straight off the BBQ.

The Adventurer!


“If you can keep control of your mind when tired, your body will follow you to the finish line.”


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