What a turnaround from last week, the final week of 2011 i completed 98 kms with a personal best of 35kms in one session. Ive felt great throughout this past week, especially due to being back in my hometown of Bathurst. It was great catching up with family, friends, and spending Christmas in some nice warm weather.

After having 3 days off over christmas due to my viral infection i felt recharged and ready to hit the streets of Bathurst “running”. An easy 7kms to start the week followed by a 16km run around the most famous racetrack in Australia, Mount Panorama,http://www.mount-panorama.com/.  This was alot of fun as i competed the run with one of my best mates Jason “Arkmed” Turner, we talked rubbish, encouraged, and helped each other climb the mountain!

The next day had me tackling the hills of Bathurst, and that town is hilly, i completed 25kms and ran up and down nearly every hill in the town, and i must say the people in country towns are extremely friendly, i get Gday’s, How ya goin, and honks from cars everywhere i ran, a nice piece of encouragement.

After spending the week in Bathurst it was time to return to sydney for the final two days of the year and last two runs of 2011.

The first of which was a beautiful scenic run around Sydneys fam0us “Bay Run,” its a 7km loop around Iron Cove in the Inner west, i was very pleased that i was able to complete this run without my backpack, a nice little reward for all the hard work ive been doing.

So, this brings me to my last run of 2011, a 35km run through the Suburbs of western Sydney, with not really having a course to follow and simply using my sense of direction to get me around the 35kms i had to complete, lets just say it was a constant battle of getting lost and then figuring out where the hell i was in order to complete the kms and get back to home safe and sound, it was an ADVENTURE for sure!

I am very happy with what ive achieved in the little over 2 months since starting my MDS training, im definitely on track and feeling extremely confident that i will be more then ready both physically and mentally for the Sahara Desert in April!

I wish everyone a Happy New Year, and Thank You all again for your support and encouragement.

All the best,


The Adventurer






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