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Cycling Up Mount Everest

vEveresting Cycling to the height of Mount Everest on my turbo trainer.   Cycling up a mountain pass once is tough. Doing hill repeats up and down the same mountain pass on your bike just seems a little crazy! Everesting is exactly that, cycling up and down the same hill/mountain until you climb the height […]


My Ireland Run

A run from the bottom to the top of Ireland My Ireland Run was something i’d been thinking about for a couple of years. We all know I love to run, and since I have never been to Ireland, I thought it made perfect sense! This run was not about being the first, the fastest, […]


Winter Training: Top Tips to Find Your Focus

What do you focus on during training sessions? Focusing on the things you can control is the key to keeping your focus on the goals you’re aiming for. Other people or even the weather (which we will discuss later) cannot control your attitude; it’s your choice to have a positive frame of mind during each […]

The 500 Man Triathlon

There are no guarantees in life, you learn, prepare, then do your best to execute; but as my Aunt used to say “sometimes sh*t happens!” I first came up with this idea for the 500 Man triathlon at the end of 2015, but it wasn’t until October 2017 that I decided the summer of 2018 […]


Your Goal – See it, Believe it, Achieve it!

Achieve Your Goal in 3 Steps   When it comes to people giving advice about how to achieve a goal, you’ve probably heard some variation of the catch phrase “see it, believe it, achieve it” and then rolled your eyes without giving it another thought. Many people will say these are merely words, and cannot […]

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Are you Overtraining & Over Living?

  Overtraining & Over Living – is this you?     Whether you’re an athlete, or someone who is striving to achieve in your life, overtraining & over living can inhibit your progress and you may not even know it’s happening. Overtraining is rife amongst endurance athletes, and alot don’t even know it’s happening. Early […]


Sciacche Ultra Marathon

The Tales of an Ultra Marathon   A beautiful coastal trail that loops through a national park with fast rocky descents, and ridiculously steep stone staircases leading to ancient wineries, this is The Sciacche Ultra Marathon. This 50 kilometre ultra marathon throughout the Cinque Terre region of the rugged Italian Riviera coastline was where my […]



Good Habits, Bad Habits – are they any different?   I’m sure most of us have bad habits we would like to alter or stop? I know I do, we keep them to ourselves, hide them from others, and lets be honest, aren’t proud of them at all. On the other hand, our good habits are […]


Reflection is a Powerful Tool

Reflection is your Bridge to Knowledge   Every January there are men and woman around the world who think its a new year to start fresh, and remove those habits they’ve developed throughout the past year, with no reflection from their past 12 months.  Not that there is anything wrong with the above way of […]