Reflection is your Bridge to Knowledge


Every January there are men and woman around the world who think its a new year to start fresh, and remove those habits they’ve developed throughout the past year, with no reflection from their past 12 months. 

Not that there is anything wrong with the above way of thinking, but how many people actually follow through, and make the necessary changes in their life to become sustainable? Most people don’t take any time out and look at their life with self reflection glasses on to learn from their mistakes.

Everyone just wants that shiny object out in front of them to chase throughout the year.

When the clocks tick 12 O’clock on January 1st, that doesn’t mean you automatically gain the needed motivation and mindset that you didn’t have at the same time one month ago to make a change in your life. Or am I looking at the wrong clock?

In my opinion, most News Years resolutions don’t work because people pick a part of their life that they would like to improve, and from January 1st, simply try to change that one thing, nothing else. 
To create sustainable changes in your life, you need to understand yourself a little more, and what you actually need (not what everyone else is doing) to create a more complete you. Reflection is a powerful tool, which can play a big part to help you understand whats missing or may need development in your life, but it means spending some time with yourself.

Without spending time to sharpen your reflection tools, you will be left struggling to once again understand what went wrong when you failed to achieve yet another new years resolution.
Taking time out of your life for reflection is well worth the investment. It gives you clarity, understanding, and insight into what is exactly going on in your life, so you can identify what needs to be worked on.

I have made many New Year resolutions, some I’ve kept throughout the year and my life, like having a morning routine. Others have fallen by the way side throughout February, March, or April. But each time I fail with these silent promises, I make a note to myself to look for the reasons why I didn’t fulfil these internal promise through reflection.
When I spend time reflecting, usually I can understand where I went wrong in my approach, or at the very least learn something about my actions, behaviours, or something else surrounding my goal.

Through the power of reflection, I’m constantly learning about myself, how I work, and what I need to do in order to stick with a goal; whether the date is January 1st or October 14th!


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