Achieve Your Goal in 3 Steps


When it comes to people giving advice about how to achieve a goal, you’ve probably heard some variation of the catch phrase “see it, believe it, achieve it” and then rolled your eyes without giving it another thought. Many people will say these are merely words, and cannot help you, I wouldn’t disagree with them.

See, believe, and achieve are only words, but when you take a second to actually think of how you can apply them in your life, and in a sequence to go after your goal, I believe, they are essential to achieving your definition of success.


See It.

Being able to visualise your goal is vital, as I think you need to put yourself in the situation (in your mind at least) to get an understanding of how your goal looks, feels, and will actually mean once you achieve it.
Why wait until you’re successful before you actually get a mental picture of what it will be like.
Create, sculpt, and see yourself accomplishing what you’ve set out to achieve every day, as seeing yourself in the scenario you want to be in will help prepare you for when it happens, and also help you believe you can achieve it.


Believe It.

Have you ever thought what the difference is between people who continually achieve their big goals, to others who struggle to accomplish any goal they set? Self-belief is a powerful thing; it can increase your confidence, drive, and energy levels to help you go after your goal.
When you start to believe in yourself and what you are setting out to achieve, your confidence will grow. When your confidence grows, your ability to see the end result you’re looking for becomes clearer, your belief that you can achieve multiplies, and you will become excited for what’s ahead.


Achieve It.

Seeing your goal, then believing you can actually achieve it are the easy parts, it’s now time to do the necessary work in order to achieve your goal.
Gaining the knowledge of how you will succeed, or if you are attempting something no one ever has before, then constantly trying new ways to gain knowledge is vital for moving towards your objective.
Although having plenty of knowledge may be great when chatting to people at a dinner party, unfortunately knowledge alone will not achieve your goal for you; you have to take action.
Consistent hard work, day in day out using your knowledge, new found confidence, and self belief will move you forwards, edging you closer to your goal.


The next time you hear myself or someone else on social media saying a cheesy catch phrase like “see it, believe it, achieve it” and if you truly want to achieve something in your life, actually stop for a second to understand what these words are actually saying.




See It: Each morning visualise how your day is going to look like, what you are going to do, when you’re doing it, and how!

Believe It: Ask yourself what is stopping you from believing you can be successful. Then, with those responses, come up with actual solutions. You may just surprise yourself that you already have the answers!

Achieve It: Put aside 30-60 minutes once or twice a week, or even daily, lock it in your diary, and use this time to work on things that will help you get a little closer to your intended goal.


See It – Believe It – Achieve It



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