Cycling to the height of Mount Everest on my turbo trainer.


Cycling up a mountain pass once is tough. Doing hill repeats up and down the same mountain pass on your bike just seems a little crazy!
Everesting is exactly that, cycling up and down the same hill/mountain until you climb the height of Mount Everest, 8848m.

With all my races and challenges planned for 2020 cancelled for obvious reasons, I thought to myself how could I use my cycling fitness to do something “fun.” This is where I saw the Virtual Everesting Challenge.
Still cycling up and down the same hill until you reach the top of Everest, but on a turbo trainer and connected to the Zwift app. For me, this meant spending all day sweating in my lounge room.
It was about as fun as it sounds, and as you’ll see, I’m very thankful I had my TEAM around me…

Here is a recap of how my virtual ride up and down Alpe du Zwift (Zwifts version of the French Climb, Alpe d’Huez) went!


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cycling up mount everest


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