Do you think that you always have to feel exhausted after every training session?
Do you think that you have to increase your amount of training every week?
Do you think that you need to train more to achieve more in your running training?

If you have answered yes to all three of these questions, then It’s time to be very honest with yourself, your running, and if you are moving into ‘Overtraining Mode.’

Real quick, this ‘Overtraining Mode’ in a very blunt way, is that you are training too much, and your body cannot recovery enough from the volume of training you’re asking from it. When this is done over an extended period of time (this will vary person to person) you’ll begin to experience several (but not limited to) any or all of the below physiological and psychological symptoms.

In short, your running and health will decline, and that just sucks!
Training Smart is not always training harder and for longer; here are a few things for you to look out for, and hopefully help you move away from overtraining training, and towards improved running results.


If you are training more than usual, and you never get hungry, or rarely have the urge you need to eat something; this can be a signal you’re overtraining.

It’s obvious, but so many people neglect to consider this as a sign of overtraining. Weight loss can be a result you are not eating enough, alongside that you are exerting yourself to a level you cannot match with refuelling.

If you are still feeling fatigued after your rest days, and have that sensation of being in a “haze” then you may be overtraining. Rest days are for your body to heal, become stronger, and rejuvenate.

When you are training hard, but your performance is deciding, it may be time to have some extended rest. More training is not always the best way to improve your performance!

Sounds weird right, but when you become overtrained, your sleep can suffer. Restless legs at night, unable to fall asleep, and even excessive sweating while in bed can all be indicator that it’s time for a rest.

Most of us can get grumpy when we are tired, but if your mood constantly changes (for the worse) maybe it’s time to look at how much training you are doing. If those close to you are telling you that you are always grumpy, take note.



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