The Ultimate Triathlon – my journey to its start line 


The Ultimate Triathlon got a lot of peoples attention, but I still feel extremely privileged whenever I’m asked for an interview. Whether its to do with this adventure, my journey from an injured depressed soccer player to where I am now in life, or simply one of my ultra-endurance challenges.
I’m humbled each and every time someone wants to take the time to ask me questions and listen to my stories.

After completing The Ultimate Triathlon I spoke with Christian Newbold, an Australian journalist who writes for Triathlon and Multisport Magazine in Australia. We chatted for nearly two hours not just about The Ultimate Triathlon, but about life, my journey, and what I have put myself through over the previous few years; I spoke openly and freely.

His two-part interview has now been published and I feel it has truly captures The Ultimate Triathlon, my personal journey, and what I have overcome in life. It also shows the highs I’ve experienced along the way, alongside a detailed story of The Ultimate Triathlon.

After the life changing experience I had, that was The Ultimate Triathlon, Fizzeek Media created an award winning documentary. This feature length film captures not only what I experienced during the 12 days it took me to swim, cycle, and run from Morocco to Monaco, but also what my crew had to endure to get me through each day.

The film is raw, real, and I hope will inspire you to look at your own life, and ask yourself, am I truly living…

I hope you enjoy the documentary, but also, the two-part article that gives a look into my life, what led me to ultra-endurance challenges, and a detailed examination of my cross-continental adventure.



Part 1
Caught in the Act of Becoming


Part 2
From Morocco to Monaco


The Ultimate Triathlon


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