The previous two weeks had been extremely frustrating with a virus and injuries, but this week has been great, back running 6 days for a total of 102kms. The body is feeling like its getting back to its best and ready to eat up some serious kilometres over the next couple of weeks. With only 7 weeks until the start of the race, its time to stay focused and keep working hard.

I eased into this past week with a 10k, followed by an easy 18 where I felt like I was literally floating along the trails, such an amazing feeling when a run takes no effort at all to complete. Thursdays 25kms took me along the river Thames for the entire run, was a very scenic route with rowers cruising along the water. The body held up well and it was a great mental boost to get through the run feeling great!

Also on Thursday I tried one of my freeze dried foods, it was chilli con carne for lunch, the instructions say boil water and add to packet, leave for 8 minutes then enjoy. After my fuel tablet had burnt out with the water not exactly boiling I thought I’d give it a go and see if my food would “cook” with near boiling water. I can confidently report that this doesnt work, I was left with a soupy half absorbed still crunchy chilli con carne, but I ate it anyway because thats what adventurers do!!

Friday and Saturdays  runs came and went with a quick 18kms and an even quicker 11, I had to work quite hard on the 11 as it was the quickest run I’ve ever done over that distance, pretty happy with my record breaking efforts. Sunday was a decent day of 20kms which I absolutely cruised, moving in an out of other runners on the path and over taking everyone in my sight, it was a nice feeling just picking off each runner as I went, and some of the looks and comments I received due to my backpack as I passed a few people were interesting to say the least. After finishing the 20kms I had a quick hours rest to refuel and stretch then I headed to a class of Bikram Yoga. For those who aren’t familiar with Bikram its a 90 minute class of holding postures in 40 degree heat, after leaving the class dripping wet, with a huge smile on my face my week was done!

I stayed positive throughout the last two weeks when things weren’t going as I’d liked, being focussed on the end goal and doing everything I possibly could to get better, Im now back flying and on cource to achieve my goal of a top 50 finish in the Marathon des Sables.

See you all next week.


The Adventurer

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