This past week has been a testing time, my body has been very tired and I’ve felt slightly unmotivated because of this. I have been running hard for nearly 5 months now in preparation for the start of my race in the Sahara and my body is just ever so slightly feeling the effects. This last week was to be my last big week of training but unfortunately I was unable to complete two of my big runs due to a few niggles, but when your body is telling you to slow down and rest its vital you listen to it.

I’ve had plenty of down time this week to think about a few things, the thing I’ve realised is that I’ve come along way in such a short time as a runner, at the start of November I was a footballer (who was injured more then anything else) but mid November I was entered into the “Toughest Race on Earth” and running 6 days a week completing 120+ kilometres each week since December, not bad for someone who once said “whats the point of running long distances?”

So with that said, I’ve been content with putting my feet up for a few days with only 4 weeks before the start of my race, I’ve only completed 51 kilometres over 3 days of running this week, but I know my body will thank me when I’m striding out over the sand dunes in Morocco.

In my spare time this week I’ve managed to purchase the last few pieces I needed for my kit, as well as attend a seminar on the Marathon des Sables. The seminar was very informative and gave me a few tips and tricks to use while I’m in the desert, alongside the seminar I had my medical and ECG (heart scan) passing with flying colours and with a big strong heart!

As I start to prepare mentally for my race its time to go through different scenarios, thoughts, and potential hazards which I may encounter, In doing this I hope to minimise the effect if something does happen to go wrong. Being positive and getting lost in the landscape are the two ways in which I plan to get to the end of each day and achieve my goal of a top 50 finish!

With plenty of rest planned over the start of this coming week, Its time to enjoy it while I can.

Until next week,

They will rise highest who strive for the highest place.
(Altius ibunt qui as summa nituntur.)

Latin Proverb

The Adventurer

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