As an Aussie living in London and not knowing how to surf, I thought it was time to live up to the stereotype so many people in this world have of Australians; that we must all know how to surf. The most famous surf town in the UK is Newquay, situated over 400 kilometres from my home in London.

Instead of driving or catching a train from my house to this seaside sanctuary, I decided to cycle there in a day. My day of cycling started in torrential rain, constantly battling horrendous winds as I pushed my pedals for over 18 hours non-stop. Eventually I arrived in Newquay just after 10pm, and my mates (who I convinced to crew for me) were delighted to get some rest. The following morning we all slipped into a wetsuit, and Will from The Escape Surf School took us through some dry land training, before we headed out into the ocean.

So, can I surf?
I’ll let you be the judge of that…





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