Why It’s Healthy to Speak about Mental Health

Mental Health – It’s healthy to talk, not mental…


Do you shy away from questions about your mental health or if others begin to speak about theirs.

Do you feel uncomfortable when people start speaking about experiences they’ve had because of their mental health?

Or do you look down on those you suffer from mental health diseases and think they are weak?

From my own personal experience, I think it’s healthy to have conversations about mental health.
With the #WorldSuicidePreventionDay on September 10th, I wanted to write this weeks blog about something close to me, the perception of mental health.

Speaking about Mental Health is Healthy


For many years I suffered in silence unable to find the strength to speak about what was going on in my head to anyone. I put on the performance of a lifetime and fooled the world (and myself at times) that I was ok.
I had countless suicidal thoughts, and although I do not have the external scares to prove my self-harm, but going out to run for 5 hours at midnight without having any sleep for several days was my own way of self-harming.
I was too weak, scared, and ashamed to speak to anyone about what I was going through, I was barely surviving, and nowhere near living my life. Something needed to change, and as life started to build up on top of me, and the dark clouds within my head started to cloud my judgements, I knew I had to do something or it would be too late.
Initially I reached out for help to someone I didn’t know, and they had no idea who I was, a therapist. This was a massive step, as it made me feel weak and ashamed that I couldn’t control what was going on in my head, my thoughts, or my mood.
Speaking about what I was going through definitely helped, but what made this simple act of talking about my feelings so powerful was that I had someone there who was listening.

In todays world which is extremely fast paced, full of distractions and narcissism, many of us (I too have fell into this category at times) don’t take the time to listen, be available, or even stop to see if our friends, loved ones, or even a stranger who may be down on their luck are doing ok.
Especially for men, we think it’s weak or soft to speak about how we feel, and many people may feel they don’t want to burden others with what’s going on in their head.

What type of society do we live in if people don’t feel comfortable with speaking about how it is they feel on any given day?
We all should be speaking about our feelings, our mental health, or if we are having a bad day. Not to try and overload people with worry, but to empower ourselves through taking control and asking for help!

We need to remove negativity when talking about all things mental health, so that we can educate the world on what it’s like to suffer, increase the global support network for those who struggle, and to save lives before its too late…


If you are suffering, you’re not alone. Please ask your doctor for help, or contact a mental health helpline.


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