Want to be Successful – Build a Team

3 key reasons why being part of a team can help you become successful.


I used to think that asking others for help made me weak and that I could do everything my way and by myself – I was wrong!

Clearly I don’t know it all, my way is almost always not the best way, but I’m now comfortable within myself and smart enough to constantly ask those around me for help, advice, and their opinions. I cannot and don’t want to achieve all I’m striving for in my life alone, as I know I will fall short of my expectations, be unfulfilled, and won’t have as much fun on the journey as I could.

It’s for these reasons I have several teams around me across different areas of my life.

What I have been able to achieve in the past 10 years since I started to search for people who can elevate myself to another level has been unbelievable, in my eyes at least. The knowledge I’ve obtained, friendships made, setbacks avoided, quality of work completed, and fun I’ve had has been simply immeasurable!
Sure, there will always be people who go it alone and achieve phenomenal things, but from my experience on ‘both sides of the fence’ being part of a tribe is so much more rewarding, and here are three reasons why I think it’s important to be part of a team.



Let’s face it, if we only have to report to ourselves, a lot of the time we will take the easiest way out of a difficult situation. Having a team around you who are invested in a common purpose will not only help you take the correct course of action (whether it’s easy or hard), but also help you stay focussed one the task at hand; as they will want to know what you have been up to, and your progress.

* Tip- being accountable is easy, and can really help you to achieve your goals. Tell a friend; your family, or even post your intentions on social media to provide yourself with motivation to be productive each and every day to achieve your desired outcome.


Achieve More
Once you become accountable to others, and have a team around you to provide constant thoughts, advice, or instructions, this can reduce some of the workload. With the workload distributed where necessary you will be able to be focus directly on your strengths to facilitate achieving your goals.

A lot of the time in my life I’ve found that I’m spending too many hours on tasks that are not helping me move forwards; so having people around who can help out, free up my time, and headspace is vital for me to complete my mission.


Continual Growth
When you open up your life to being accountable to others, and relinquish control to let those you’ve trusted help facilitate your objectives you will not only increase your accomplishments, but also learn and grow.

If we continually do, say, and think the same way throughout life without being open to new ideas how are we expected to develop as a person, and evolve. Surrounding yourself with like minded people, as well as those who think differently, but still focussed on your desired outcome will open up new lines of information you never new existed, and aid your own personal growth and development.


be successful build a team


Having a team around you in life that you can trust is extremely important in my opinion. Not only will they keep you accountable to yourself and others, but also they will keep your productivity at an optimal level, and help you learn and grow into the very best version of yourself.

Plus, it’s more fun celebrating success when you’re not alone…


be successful build a team


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