Be Consistent & Achieve More

Be Consistent, Be Content, and Be Nice to Yourself.


We hear all the time that consistency is the key to sustained success, heck; I’ve said it myself plenty of times as well.
I truly believe we all achieve more by shifting our focus from what our big goals look like when they are completed, to smaller chunks of work. It makes total sense, our confidence isn’t squashed with the overwhelming task ahead, and after time, we will see the results from our hard work, right!?

What happens when life gets in the way, and the level of your consistency drops off, as does your productivity, and the results you’re trying to achieve?
Do you simply waive it off, or become critical of your actions (or lack of) and frustrated with your minimal gains?



I’m sure most people can relate to a time when you let the voice in your head verbally beat you, and highlight your lack of self-discipline, and consistency for your work

We are not robots, super computers, but human beings!

Nobody is perfect, I know I certainly am not, my productivity peaks and then plunges without any sort of notice at times, and it frustrates me to pieces. I constantly strive to be the best version of myself each and every day, this is my goal, and there are plenty of days in each and every month that I DO NOT come close to this goal.

I used to beat myself up about these daily fails, which only made my internal thoughts even more negative. Over time I started to realise that I began to resent the work I was completing, where once I was passionate, energised, and excited to complete, sound familiar?

Left confused, and struggling to complete any tasks for a period of time, I knew something had to change. Wanting to increase not only my productivity, but also how I treated myself for not achieving the lofty heights of success I constantly set myself, I realised the following.


Being Consistent should always be the goal when faced with a large task. Consistently chipping away at these targets will help increase your confidence, productivity, and get you closer to achieving your goals.

Be Content with the amount of work you accomplish in a certain period of time, this will help keep you in a positive frame of mind. Definitely don’t settle, but find a way through reflecting on what you’ve achieved, to be content with your work.

Being Nice to Yourself will increase your long-term productivity via not beating yourself up, increasing your self-confidence, and understanding there is more to life than hitting deadlines. Some self-love will have you excited to get back to your work rather than dreading it, with a smile on your face, and your heart grinning with joy.


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