Mental Health, it’s #OK2talk

Over the past 12 months I’ve been beginning to speak openly about my ongoing battle with depression. It’s been far from simple, easy, or even at times, without any thought!

I suffered in silence for many many years, without disclosing the anguish I was going through with anyone,  not my family, partner, or close friends. For those who deal with the same struggles will understand, for those who don’t, well I’m sure it’s difficult to comprehend not being able to talk to someone who cares for you. I’m not even going to try and explain it here, but simply say that it’s not as simple as opening your mouth and speaking…

The thing I will say (from my own experience) is that depression can be like an invisible energy source that simply stops you in your physical tracks, without be able to move, or feel anything. Then the negative and detrimental thoughts begin, like a large gush of fast flowing water, these destructive considerations begin to be the focus of your entire universe.

For fear, or other personal reasons, just the thought of reaching out to someone for help, or to even whisper your struggles out load, can induce a nauseating sensation throughout ones body.
I’m beginning to learn that many have (and still are) suffer from their own physical and psychological torture, feeling helpless, and afraid to speak up about their inner turmoil.

Although I still struggle many times a week battling with my depression, I continually try to “contain” this beast with my mindfulness practise, eating a real food nutrient dense diet, having balance in life, acknowledging when I’m losing a battle and simply minimise what I need to do that day, and trying to be productive while doing the things that mean the most to me; occasionally these can help.

I know there are many people who still suffer in silence, which is why I recently posted the video below on my social media sites, to not only inspire and show others that it’s #OK2talk about mental health, but to remove stigmas, and boundaries throughout the world when it comes to speaking about depression,, anxiety, or any other mental health illness.

I encourage everyone who reads this to share my video with #OK2talk in their post.

Thanks for everyone who has messaged me with your unconditional support, your words give me strength to continue on my journey.

If you are struggling with your own mental health, please find someone who you can speak with, from my now experience, it really does help.
Get help here.



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