Men’s Wellness “Stop Men Dying too Young”


In November I was part of an amazing group of people who all came together addressing the issues facing men and their health in this current day. The evening’s aim was to raise awareness, whilst reducing the stigma attached to how men should (and do) act regarding their physical & mental health.

As a sufferer of clinical depression, I’m all too aware of what its like to suffer in silence, with a deep feeling that I “couldn’t” speak out about my mental health problems, due to the potential negative reaction and ridicule if I did, frankly, I felt alone and ashamed.
After many years of barely surviving, and without telling a soul, I found the courage to speak with a therapist, before a few more years, I started to speak openly about what I had and was going through with family and close friends.

I don’t want other men to have to suffer in silence for years before they feel comfortable, or have an avenue to speak about their health related issues, whatever they may be.
This wellness evening was all about speaking across broad topics relating to mens health, removing stigmas, and raising money for some charities who support mens health & wellness.

You can still support this message by sharing this beautifully created video with your friends, family, and across any social media channels you may have, as we all should feel comfortable speaking about our health, as without it, what do we have…



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