Listening to your body, NOT your mind


How many of us have woke up feeling like we were hit by a bus while we slept, or felt a niggle during the first steps we’re immediately out bed, but still paid no attention to these warning signs from our body and trained anyway?

We pay coaches to write programs for us, they create structured plans to help lead the way towards our goal, and at times, it’s quite difficult to waver from a planned session.
In the past, I’ve been in this boat numerous times, feeling like if I miss a single session that my progress will be derailed, and my goal unattainable.

There is a fine line between striving for results, getting out of your comfort zone, and pushing yourself towards short-term gains, but potentially longer term failures.

As someone who has suffered from adrenal fatigue due to a combination of overtraining, dragging myself out the door when my body had numerous niggles, as well as trying to cope with vast amounts of everyday stress by training through it; I can tell you that it can catch up with you, and it’s not pretty…


Everyone’s life is unique, as are our bodies, which is why it’s important to try different types of food to fuel your performance, and ways of training to get the most out of your body; it’s for this reason that “cookie cutter” programs don’t work, and should be avoided like the plague!

I’ve seen the daily stresses individuals go through being disregarded as “irrelevant” by not only age group athletes, but those competing at an elite level as well.

Plenty think if I train hard, eat well, and spend time on recovery, all will be great!

What about the financial burden of life, your children being ill, or things going wrong at work; can these factors inhibit your training?


They most certainly can!


Stress from everyday life can be a contributing factor to injuries, performance, and NOT achieving your health & fitness goals.

If you are constantly stressed, worrying, or deeply concerned about numerous factors in your life, you can be overexposed to the hormone cortisol, and this puts you at an increased health risk.

But, there is hope!

Based on my education, experience, and experimentations, I have come up with a few ways that have helped me overcome these draining sustained spikes of cortisol, and I hope they may even be useful for you as well.


  • Take 5 minutes twice a day to simply sit alone, and take deep breaths.
    Think of nothing but your lungs filling up with air, and then emptying as you breathe out.
  • Focus on things that are in your control, and let go of those that are not.
    This is easier said than done, but if you develop a mindset to only focus on worries within your control, it will go a long way to helping you become more relaxed.
  • If you feel like 4/10, then your daily goal is to achieve a 4/10 day.
    Lack of sleep, increased stress, a niggle, or just feeling like life is pressing you down means it’s time to lower the expectations of your day in my book!

By achieving these smaller goals each day, you’ll receive a rewarding shot of dopamine for your accomplishment, this alone will put a smile on your face, and help set yourself up to be the best version of yourself that day!

Playing the “long game” for both your health and fitness goals is vital, missing one or a few individual training sessions will not disrupt your chances of success.

But, pushing through a time in life when your cortisol is high, and your body is urging you to slow down or stop can quite literally steal your potential successes away from you weeks, months or even years in advance.


Sometimes you need to listen to your body instead of your head…




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