Life Doesn’t Reset in January

Take care of your body, and it will take care of you!


This time of year around Christmas and New Years has a fun, relaxed, and loving feel for most.

Many people go out of their way to meet up with old friends, work colleagues outside the office, family they’ve not seen in a while, or simply spend more time enjoying the festive season – I think this is great!

The end of the calendar year, a few days holiday (for most) and not giving yourself a hard time for letting your hair day all comes together in a space of just a few weeks. So many people are happy, relaxed, smiling, and full of energy to spend multiple nights out during the week, before a full weekend of social engagements, once again, I think this is great!

What I have seen year after year though, are these same people who are living life to the fullest (in their own way) during this time get to the first of January and say to themselves, “I’m now going to have a structured routine, exercise more, eat healthy, and set out to achieve all my goals!”

Sound familiar?

Our bodies have an amazing ability to adapt and recover, I’ve seen this first hand, but they cannot perform miracles for everyone!
What I’m saying is this, when the clock strikes 12 on the 1st of January every year, our bodies don’t automatically wipe the slate clean for a new beginning, they don’t reset just because it is January.
The stressful year you had, combined with the late nights working to finish projects throughout November, then the even later nights drinking/partying, or simply eating a little more during December all just doesn’t magically go away, with your body forgetting it every happened; it needs to process these stressful burdens you’ve put on it.

So by waking up early every morning in January to exercise, while dramatically changing your diet, or your way of living is going to be a massive shock to your system, so give your body some time to adapt, and adjust to what your mind is trying to force it to do.

If you’ve had a massive 2017, feel exhausted, unhealthy, BUT want this to change, try this.

Focus on doing less in January, while getting more sleep, eating healthy food, and not putting pressure on yourself by having to exercise every day in January like many of the magazines and superficial Instagrammers will shove down your throat with their #newyear #newme perfectly timed, immaculate looking photos all January long.

Our bodies don’t function in 12-month blocks of time, then automatically be refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated every January. But you can feel this way if you take the time to remove as much stress as you can from your life, fill your body with real and not processed food, while listening to it when it comes to exercise; you only have one body for life, take care of it every day of every year not just each January!


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