Caught in the Act of Becoming

I feel extremely privileged whenever asked for an interview, because I feel people actually want to learn about my journey from an injured, depressed soccer player, and into my new self; an Endurance Adventurer.

I Recently spoke with Christian Newbold, an Australian journalist who writes for Triathlon and Multisport Magazine in Australia. We chatted for over two hours about life, my journey, and what I have put myself through over the previous few years; I spoke openly and freely.

His interview was split into two articles. The first, I feel truly captured my journey, and what I have overcome, but also the highs I’ve experienced along the way. With the second giving those who didn’t follow me on my journey an understanding of what it was like travelling 2000 kilometres in 12 days from Morocco to Monaco.

I hope you enjoy his words as much as I did.

Caught in the Act of Becoming

From Morocco to Monaco

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