5 Steps to Achieving your Goals

Achieving your Goals is a process, I want to share mine with you.


How many times have you heard stories of people being told they cannot do something, and then they go and achieve what so many people doubted? There are too many to list, and I’m sure we all know a few of these people ourselves, or maybe are one yourself, I know I certainly am!

I was told constantly that I wouldn’t finish the Marathon des Sables in 2012 after only 5 months of training; I did!
Experienced triathletes told me repeatedly that I would struggle to complete the double Brutal Extreme Triathlon in north Wales as my first ever triathlon; I finished in 35 non-stop hours of fun!
And pretty much the entire world outside my inner circle had doubts about me completing my 2000km in 12 days Ultimate Triathlon from Morocco to Monaco. People said things like “no chance buddy” and “there is no way you can do that.”

5 tips to achieving your goals

Did all these people’s opinions bother me?

Not for one second, because that’s all they were, another persons opinion. Most of them didn’t know me as person, an athlete, or the work (both physically and mentally) I put into achieving these goals.

So many of us let what others think, and their assumptions get in the way of going after our biggest goals and dreams, and I think that’s just crazy. Why do we let what others think, say, or suggest dictate our own thoughts or actions towards something we truly want to achieve, and at some point believed we could accomplish?
Self-doubt can cripple even the strongest human being, overcoming your own inner critic can be an enlightening and strengthening process.
Here are a few tips that have worked for me in the past to tune out that negative voice between my ears, and not pay attention to those who try to bring me down with their opinions.

top 5 tips to achieving your goals

Chase your Passion
Be passionate about what you are doing, as this can be an invisible energetic force to help move you forwards.

Having an emotional connection to the goal you are looking to achieve can help you stay on track, and remind you that it’s something you are excited about if things get tough!

Know your Why
Knowing why you want to do what you’re setting about to achieve. Where these motivations have come from will give you clarity to use when faced with setbacks. Being clear of your reasoning’s can provide insight as to where you can draw energy from throughout your journey.

Do your Research
Understanding the challenge you’re facing will not only give you vital information on what’s needed to achieve your goal, but also can enhance your self-belief through knowing you are doing everything you can to turn your dreams into a reality. Continuously learning, understanding, and developing your knowledge will nurture your self-confidence throughout this process.

Do the Work Hard
Be prepared to consistently turn up each day with conviction, and do the work that is necessary for success. Day in day out you need to show up and continually make the sacrifices that are needed to achieve your goals.

Stay present during this part of your journey, as it’s here where you can learn a lot about yourself.

Reflect Often
Taking the time to stop and reflect on what you are doing, where you have come, and how you’ve achieved what you have so far is a priceless tool in my book.

The knowledge you can receive when internally observing your practices, results, and what needs to still be done can open up a whole new perspective on what is needed to achieve your dreams, but also fill your soul with pride for what you’ve already accomplished!


5 steps to achieving your goals

  • Chase your Passion
  • Know your Why
  • Do your Research
  • Do the Hard Work
  • Reflect Often


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