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Listening to your body, NOT your mind

  How many of us have woke up feeling like we were hit by a bus while we slept, or felt a niggle during the first steps we’re immediately out bed, but still paid no attention to these warning signs from our body and trained anyway? We pay coaches to write programs for us, they […]


The life lesson I learnt cycling 30 minutes in my lounge room

I have cycled for 18 hours non-stop, covered the equivalent distance of the length of Britain (over 1300kms) in just five days on my bike, and enjoyed some of Europe’s most amazing cycling destinations while on two wheels; so why did I feel like a little kid at Christmas combined with having the powers of […]


Race to the Stones – How my Ego Tried and Failed…

  Having only been on 6 runs in the previous 3 months (recovering from shoulder surgery) prior to a my DNF (altitude sickness + dehydration) at The Trail Verbier Saint-Bernard mountain ultra-marathon through the Swiss Alps a week earlier; I wasn’t exactly fighting fit to take on the 100 kilometre Race to the Stones (RTTS). […]


Real Food Sports Nutrition

  If you read any sports magazine, attend a sports specific tradeshow, or speak to any type of athlete; nutrition is always a strong topic of conversation. The sports nutrition industry is big business these days, with so many established companies striving to keep their market share, but also new start-ups attempting to wedge their […]


The Ultimate Triathlon in Poland

  Travel, culture, and sharing my story to inspire others to be the best version of themselves are all things I love doing. So when I received a random email from the organisers of a Film Festival in Poland, inviting myself, and The Ultimate Triathlon Documentary to be shown at their sport themed 3-day event, […]


Men’s Wellness “Stop Men Dying too Young”

  In November I was part of an amazing group of people who all came together addressing the issues facing men and their health in this current day. The evening’s aim was to raise awareness, whilst reducing the stigma attached to how men should (and do) act regarding their physical & mental health. As a […]


Am I one of the 50 Greatest Athletes in the world right now?

The reason I put my mind and body through hours of training is to continually strive to be the best version of myself, nothing else! I don’t get up before the sun rises to go swim in a pool, or run through the local trails in the middle of winter with frozen fingers for anything […]


Surgery, World Tour, and my Next Challenge…

It’s been an interesting past few months… Firstly, I had surgery on my shoulder in August, a procedure I potentially needed prior to The Ultimate Triathlon but for obvious reasons, didn’t have done. What I thought was simply going to be just a quick and simple “clean up job” well, wasn’t. I had a lot […]


Cooking on Performance Kitchen

When I was asked to share a recipe on the new and exciting online YouTube cooking channel Performance Kitchen, I was extremely excited. Performance Kitchen is a cooking show that features elite athletes cooking up some of their favourite pre/post meals, while chatting to the host who asks questions about their sport, and cooking knowledge. […]


Mental Health Awareness Week

  The past week has been Mental Health Awareness Week, and I teamed up with The Mental Health Foundation to educate, promote awareness, and help others who suffer from mental illnesses feel like they are not alone. The focus of the week was on relationships, and how they play a huge part in helping people deal, […]