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The Ultimate Triathlon

Over three years ago I made the difficult decision to retire from my injury stricken failing football (soccer) career, I was completely lost as to what I wanted to do next with my life. “What are you going to do now?” I was constantly asked by many, and without a thought I would reply, “I’m […]


Why 2014 was AWESOME!

For those who are lucky enough (or unlucky) to be part of my inner circle of family and friends have known 2014 knocked me around a bit. It’s not been the best year I’ve ever lived for, and for a few recent weeks, I even attempted to convince myself it was the worst year of […]


Why my 2014 is done; the completely honest version…

Keeping it very Real!  Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has sent me positive thoughts, and reviews regarding my new website; it has been an adventure for sure. There will be regular updates from free recipes, training advice and exercises, so look out for them. My monthly (ish) LTTA Telegraph will be starting in January, […]

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Listening to my body, and why I’m not racing in Seville

Even when something is staring at us in the face, and trying to get our attention in various ways, why do we still ignore it? Our health (both physical and mental) is something many of us take for granted, and unfortunately lately I have been one of these many. Both my eating habits, and the […]


Why I am happy with my DNF

“How do you feel?” my sister said while handing me a bowl of bright yellow rice I cooked the day before using ginger and turmeric for flavour. “I feel pretty good, considering I have just ran two hilly marathons in well under nine hours,” was my reply, with a lasting smile spread across my face. […]


Some News

Training has been going quite well, with plenty of 150 kilometre + cycles, four kilometre swim sets, and I’m now slowly increasing the lengths of my runs (not quite at Forest Gump level yet…) I had a couple of running set backs throughout the end of April and start of May, but I am now […]


2013 Recap….WOW!

12 months ago I was sitting in my lounge room planning my adventures for 2013, I had so many ideas and thoughts, but with no idea where to start. I knew I was going to have an exciting year with all the options I had in front of me. 12 months later, and I couldn’t […]


The UTMB with Aite Tamang

In August 2013 I went to Chamonix in France for the very first time to support my good friend and elite Nepalese ultra marathon runner Aite Tamang, who was competing in The North Ultra-Trail Du Mont-Blanc (UTMB). I first met Aite when I spent a month in Nepal; I lived, trained, and learnt about not […]

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The 7 labours of Hercules???

As I sat on the train from London to Castleton (in the picturesque Peak District) I felt as prepared as I could. It was only four weeks ago I cycled 412 kilometres from London to Newquay, I picked up a niggle in my achilles tendon, and last week slightly tore my calf muscle while getting […]

Wessex 3 Day 2013

Tour of Wessex 2013 Report

I had the pleasure to spend three days cycling through some of England’s most beautiful country side in its south west, while taking part in the Tour of Wessex, the biggest Multi Stage cyclosportive in the world. I cycled 546 kilometres (339 miles) over the three days. I attacked several of the classic climbs in […]